Looking for freelance modeling jobs


A couple of former students of mine who are excellent modelers asked me how to go about getting modeling jobs as freelancers. I did not know what to tell them. Does any of you have any idea how to go about it?

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One possibility is to contact the folks at Sloped:

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Thanks! I shall pass the info on to them. Cheers!

@RTCool thanks for the recommendation!

Edson, Sloped is a platform for professional users of Sketchup and Layout. We work with design businesses and freelancers. We test and certify the freelancer in their knowledge of modelling and preparation of construction documentation. We have a free 57 question quiz on the website and if a candidate passes they can then apply for the practical exam. These exams are serious and require more than modelling skills. They require Layout Ready Modelling knowledge.

When a candidate can pass our exam, they are then qualified in our minds to join almost any design firm that uses Sketchup and Layout as they will possess the necessary understanding of the software to onboard any firm’s workflow.

Currently Sloped is the only platform offering this service to the professional community. I would like to also mention that a dedicated freelancer who has good business sense might be able to make a go of Upwork, but their system is very competitive and usually ends up with the freelancer having to cut their rates to win work. Sloped offers a matching service instead so that it is about the business quickly getting the right person to get to work on their project. the freelancer enjoys minimum hourly rates at $30 an hour and can work up from there if they gain a reputation for solid work.

If your students only have Sketchup modeling skills, Sloped might not be right for them. But, the right student could gain that knowledge within a short time and get certified. There are many training systems online for this and we are working on a community based training session every week that is open to who ever wants to learn Layout Ready Modelling and Sketchup Hygeine.

I would also add, right here at the end, that you are exactly the type person that we would love to work with. Educators have the opportunity to introduce the full service nature of Sketchup and Layout to the next generation of professionals. If you were able to introduce Layout and its true power to the students, they would enter the market with a full skill set that would make them very attractive candidates to thousands of small design firms around the world. The ability to model and get to construction documentation within Sketchup is a power skill in our opinion. Check out Luke Whitelock. A Brit doing work for Hollywood studios in the UK. His work is astounding and it’s full Sketchup and Layout. He has a great course as well.

Hope that helps a bit.

Thanks for the lengthy explanation! I will look into it myself as I am a Sketchup/Layout veteran user myself: I started using it in 2006!

Best wishes.