Trace a flat logo or shape to make 3d model

Trace a logo or shape or import ai file or dxf to work in 3d

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Basically what we are saying is you have made a statement that contains three things that can be done in sketchup but you haven’t actually asked how to do any of them or which is better or what.

So a bit more of a question explaining exactly what you are asking would help us give you a suitable answer.
Perhaps some images or even a model to see what you are wanting to do.
Help us to help you, we are all willing, just don’t quite know what you want.


This is the basic shape to 3D model for a project. What would be the best way to open this I can vector it as ai or dxf

The best way: Export a DXF from Adobe Illustrator. Import the DXF into SketchUp. From there you can ungroup the shape and trace a few lines to create faces where you need them.