Toposhaper question & Trying to create terrain

Hi There,
Trying to create terrain out of a 2D site plan and looking for the easiest way to do it?

Here Im using Toposhaper and have removed the height point numbers to create the terrain but then after cleaning up contours and click on generate terrain it remains FLAT?

Can you suggest an easier way? Thank you

closeup of numbers

You need to put the contours at the right altitude. TopoShaper cannot figure out it…!

In TopoShaper, there is an Altitude Editor which may help for this task.

Thank you, That’s kind of what I thought it was but wasn’t able to get through the cleaning process.
so I first removed the numbers and reconnected the lines before cleaning up.
Ran and then clicked to remove junctions, then an error occurred then clicked done but didn’t appear to complete the cleanup process.

After the cleaning process, if I can get through that, - when setting the altitude, should I go by the numbers on the site plan or should I set the height starting with 1 and increase by the numbers as indicated on the site plan?

see pics
closeup of numbers

Infinate Loop Notification

Thanks for your help!

I would set the lowest contour line at 0 (the defaultred/green plane) and then move the others up incrementally.

Thanks Dave, will try it when I get a chance. Happy Bird Day