Toposhaper Crashing

Is there a maximum size that toposhaper will complete? I am trying to create a mesh for my current project and it keeps giving me the pink ruby error window. Just wondering if there is something that I can change to allow it to work successfully. I simplified my contours all the way up to 10 feet and it still crashes. I have a hard due date coming up and in a bit of a time crunch. Anyone else ran into this problem and have found a solution please help.


The error says it was aborted because of zero length vector.

I would suggesto to reply in this topic at SketchUcation because you will reach Fredo this way more directly and maybe he knows a solution for this specific error message…
[Plugin][$] TopoShaper - v2.6a - 24 Apr 21 • sketchUcation • 1

Hey Trevor, designer here. You should also note that it seems to be a problem when I create continous geometry lines for some reason as well. Haven’t narrowed it down yet but it’s definitely a bit buggy and a pain in the ass sometimes.