Plugin called Toposhaper


Hi everyone! I need to create a terrain from only dots with no terrain lines. I tried to use a plug in called TOPOSHAPER but after I downloaded it I have some problems with the installation in Sketch up. Someone knows a plug in simillar or has a solution for the installation problem?
Thank you Martina


Did you install the required LibFredo6 files as well?


Give us specific information. What problems?


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Thank you Dave for your reply. The issue is that I have downloaded the file you suggested but anyway when I install the toposhaper plug in I cannot open it because a window saying error appear.


Unless you can tell us what the error message says, there’s nothing we can do to help you.


Hello Dave, this is an image of my error window, thank you for your help!


Assuming that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Lib Fredo…***

Then we have new issues…
Trying to cope with various string’s text-encodings has long been something of a nightmare for developers.
Newer versions of SketchUp allow developers to force most text encoding for system-read strings into UTF-8 - which is what Ruby needs.
BUT it seems in your case that it’s failing…
You haven’t shown the whole error message, but I suspect that it mightn’t help…

You should post the problem and the full error message on the Lib Fredo*** thread at SketchUcation…

Start at the start.