Top of Line MacBook Pro & Layout 2020 Still Very Slow-Almost Unusable

Just set up my brand new top MacBook Pro…top the line, can’t but a faster MacBook and when I use my scroll wheel to zoom in using LO it is just as slow as my older MacBook Pro. I see lots of complaining about Layout 2020 and I have to agree it’s almost unusable. LO 2018 doesn’t have this issue at all. I am a designer at SNL and we don’t have very large sets so my models are not very large either. Any suggestions and when will this issue be addressed? Thanks! Ken


@krm208, welcome to the Layout Issue Fan Club. Hope your frustration is just starting to peak as the more the merrier on this issue. More noise equals more chance of a fix.

Part of another thread on the same issue. One user wrote this:

“I’ve posted a couple times (and had a few conversations with Colin) about LO2020 performance. I use a completely maxed out 2019 MacBook Pro w/Catalina. The LO performance issue is NOT the hardware. Something was changed when they re-wrote LO2020, and it seems to have everything to do with the way layout treats the SketchUp objects in viewports.”

As to a fix? Haven’t heard a date or release for that. Mostly why I’m commenting because I want to follow this one in case someone comments.

other thread link…Layout to Slow

There have been lots of posts about the shortcomings of Layout. I think most people agree that it is now letting the side down. If it doesn’t get fixed once everyone has been moved to a subscription basis, I suspect the grumbling will become deafening.

Your hardware makes almost no difference to LO performance, so if you upgraded expecting it to, I sympathize. At least it should make a difference to SU (really flies on my new iMac!).

I have had it suggested that a reason for LO’s slowness is that it has to load the whole SU drawing and then overlay onto that. But as you point out, it even affects quite modest drawings. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is unusable, but it certainly makes working harder than it should be.

It’s no use asking the forum when something might be fixed as most members have no inside knowledge and those that do can’t say. The best you can hope is that developers are listening in and paying heed to the discontent.


I did that last year. Took it back. No performance boost on anything over older MBP.
I can use LayOut but I keep it simple. It’s slow. Maybe Simon is doing larger files and sees some results with SU. I am using a refurbished ca 2014 machine fine with SketchUp. Even better with Thea because I have a working nvidia card that I use with a High Sierra volume.

Yeah, the last good bang for the buck where the 2015’s

[quote=“simoncbevans, post:3, topic:139759”]
If it doesn’t get fixed once everyone has been moved to a subscription basis, I suspect the grumbling will become deafening.
The best you can hope is that developers are listening in and paying heed to the discontent.
Hi Simon,
As usual, well said … I’ve been hoping the same thing (for some time!). I really wonder about the level of “listening” that the “developers” are capable of. Trimble seems to have a high tolerance for user discontent when it comes to LayOut. Sometimes I feel like all the grumbling is falling on deaf ears.

I am not defending any entity but how much of the issue is with Apple and how much of the issue is with Sketchup.
I am on Windoze. Over the years I have had issues with Layout being sluggish. Since last fall it came together. Whose update made it happen??? I don’t know.
I do empathize with the users that are having issues with Layout. I would like this to be put to bed with an update soon. Again who is at fault Apple or Sketchup?

Hmmmm… As an Apple aficionado, I guess I am biased, but it seems to me that if a software company offers something that ostensibly works on multiple platforms, it ought to work much the same on both. Or at the very least, they ought to be honest about it in their sales material, maybe along the lines of “Get Sketchup Pro. Works great on PC. Not so much on Mac.”

However, a regular and much respected forum member tells me that it is difficult for developers to keep up with Macs because their OSs keep blithely “breaking” things. Well above my pay grade, but if he says so, I believe him.

The SNL Film Units are 3 separate units. Each having it’s own designer. We design on Wednesday evenings. This last 3 shows and now this show none of use used SU 2020 all because working in LO is painful. We are just one show. There are tons of other shows and I personally now so many other designers who have gone back to SU2018. Not good…Not cool. Trimble what’s up?

Hard to make generalizations on what developers “should” do. SketchUp is at least better at cross-platform than rendering, where you just can’t get a Mac that will perform near as well as PC it seems.

I have returned the laptop. There isn’t any doubt…it’s the software.

I’m having the same problems and I’m working with a very detailed house design, full construction drawings, details, schedules, etc. So the frustration with how slow Layout is, and how poorly it snaps to sketchup points make it not a proper documentation tool. I’ve moved away from Revit to find a simpler solution. Sketch-up is it, Layout is not. I’ll keep using sketchup as a quick modelling tool, but Layout is just not a usable platform for detailed Cad Drawings. Maybe if you use it for simple plans and elevations, that sort of thing its ok. More for the DIY’er but not if you are a professional architect using it as your Cad platform.

I’m in this project now and will have to see it through.

Will try Vector Works next.