Tooltip blocks very often placed where I want to click/select corner

Hello, tooltips really blocks me very often. I want to click anywhere and I see tooltip blocking exactly the place where I want to click. Anyone clever enough must see this is a problem. Please remove them completely. They are not even useless. They ar bad.

Thanks for reporting this! Logged internally as SKIT-4545.

@barlok We just made some improvements in this area, from the Changelog:

  • Fixed bug where tooltip would get in the way of drawing tools.

Please try and give us any feedback you have.

First impression: super! The text doesn’t seem to block the view so far.

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Very well! Seems much better. Thank You.

@marwanobeidat, could something be done about the ‘Position Camera’ icon? It’s a weird looking tripod icon compared the little human figure that it used to be. But apart from that the new camera icon is constantly blocking the location (endpoint, midpoint, intersection, etc.) that it needs to be positioned on.

I see what you mean. Aside from the lens of the camera blocking the target, it also isn’t like the human figure. With the human figure you are setting the location for your feet, and the eye height is naturally above ground. With the hot spot being the lens, it seems, the tool implies that you are selecting the location for eye height.

I’m not very good with Illustrator, but I made this:


I tried that as the cursor, and it sort of looked ok. The hot spot would need to be changed to where the three red lines meet. Then it would function the same as the human figure.

That makes more sense. At least the “clumsy” looking camera icon (not meaning your artistic creation of course) wouldn’t block where you want to start dragging the camera … towards the target.
It’s a bit like what started this thread, tooltips blocking your targets. That was solved.