Toolbar issue

Hello everybody,

I installed the new relaese 2023 a couple of weeks ago and I have toolbar issue since then. When my mouse cursor goes on the icon of a tool (any tool), the first click select what is on the back ( usually my drawing). Then I have to unselect my drawing and click one more time on the tool to activate it.

That’s the solution I found but it is really annoying when working for hours.

Problem occured right after updating to the 2023 release.

Does anyone have a solution ? I appreciate your help.

David from Belgium

That’s rare, I haven’t had that issue, can you make a video of it?

You can try to repair your installation:

Lets get a fresh installer from here:
Download All | SketchUp

Make sure no SketchUp is running.
Right click on downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator, when prompted chose Repair.

Perhaps you need to update your graphic driver to latest from Nvidia site ( Official Drivers | NVIDIA )

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Thank you both for your quick answers.

I set my toolbars differently and it seems the problem has gone. Not sure it won’t come back later. If so, I’l try to make a video of it and then I will try a fresh installer.

I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.