Tools | Section Planes

I cannot find the tools palette and section panes.

Currently, there is no Section tool

Are you not seeing this toolset?

I have that toolset.
But on the Display toolset, there is a Display selection for Section Panes. But the panes themselves cannot be created.

That is correct. The Section tool functionality is currently not available in my.sketchup


I figured out the location of the section plane tool is under the measure tool!

User error.

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What are you talking about? Do you mean SketchUp? You’ve opened an ancient thread. Things have changed in the more than 4 years since this thread was active. If instead you opened Sketchup you would find that there is a section cut feature.

You are not being tricked. You just aren’t making yourself aware of the actual facts. Shame on you.

Thanks, I started my subscription yesterday and there is no clear way to learn all the very different tools of the web version besides wasting time in the forum.

You could click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the left toolbar and search for the tool you want.

Thanks again, I found “field of view” referred under the search option but I can’t figure out where is the command/icon to change the field of view of my scene.

Click on the text and it’ll open the tool. You can set the field of view by typing in the Measurements window in the lower right corner or you can left click and drag the cursor up or down the screen.

At the bottom left you’ll get instructions, too.
Screenshot - 2_7_2021 , 3_31_11 PM