SketchUp Make Active Section Plane?

Hey Guys,
I can not get the section plane tool to show it’s grips, move or rotate it in any way. Is that just another draw back of SketchUp Make? I have view set to active section planes but I can not grab the plane or move it because I can not see any of them or their grips.

They don’t have grips as such, click to highlight it then use the tools.

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have you turned visibility off?


Thanks for the quick response! Can’t understand why it is that the section planes are not highlighted after the set in place or plane click is made. Is it just a right click sub menu? Aside, why isn’t Microsoft Edge not getting access to the forum?

@ john_drivenupthewall, how do you turn visibility on & what does that have to do with section planes not being highlighted with grips after they are put in place? Isn’t there a right mouse click that brings up a sub menu for an active section plane that allows for further manipulation of the section plane? I’m using SketchUp Make 2015 on Win 10 64bit desktop & once the section plane is set in place with the first click only the section cut is viewable until I go to the view menu & uncheck section planes. Are section planes only on layer 0?
@ BOX nice demo but there are no highlighted wire frames on my section cuts once it has been placed, how do you call up the active section plane to manipulate it again?

As John mentioned, go to the View menu and make sure Section Planes are ticked so they are visible.

Got it, thanks guys, a little short on the manipulation ability of the section cut tool without the menu you used in the demo video BOX. I just downloaded SketchUp Make 2016 which of course starts with the 3 month trial of Pro & informs me that the file will not be able to be opened in older versions once it is saved to the newer so I didn’t save it & reopened in 2015.

How would I load the section tool menu shown in your demo BOX? Seems it would help immensely?

That is simply a custom toolbar. All those tools are native and available in their various toolbars. All I used was move and rotate, from memory.
There is a right click context menu that will give you a few other options.

Yes BOX that’s clear, selecting the active section cut is the problem. I can’t click on anything to get it highlighted so what is the easiest way to select the active section cut?

Make sure you are in the same context as the section plane.
In other words, if it is inside a group you need to open the group for editing before you can select the section plane.

No TIG_SECTIONCUTFACE available at extension warehouse.? Why? Need the section cut face solid. No way to make the section cut faces solid without tracing them with the pencil & saving the face as a group?

Extension Warehouse is not the only source of extensions. TIG’s Section Cut Face is available from the Sketchucation Plugin Store.

Tried sign in on SketchUcation after downloading sketchucationtools.rbz & received a “no match” on name etc. error. Re registration is now a chargeable account. supercut.rbz is in the extension warehouse, the only free download that might produce a section cut face?

I don’t know how you have managed to get so much wrong. As I replied to your other comment, there is no charge for joining Sketchucation. Once you have signed up and lgged in, you should install the Sketchucation Plugin Store and use it to automatically install extensions from Sketchucation. It would save you a great deal of trouble.

sorry DaveR you are absolutely right, THERE IS A FREE REGISTRATION @ SketchUcation & it provides for FREE downloads of SketchUp Extensions. I spent the last hour accessing my account at SketchUcation because I had forgotten a user name change so there was no database significant change. It is still FREE!