No section cuts on the web version

I started a home model in sketchup free web version then I found out I could not make section cuts. I completed the design using sketchup make for PC, but this is a trial version that will run out in 30 days. I have a number of questions.

Is there a free version of sketchup that makes section cuts?
Is there a workaround for section cuts?
How can I import a sketchup Make model on PC to sketchup free on the web?
Any idea when section cuts will come to the Web?


You did, huh? I think you didn’t look in the right place.

If you installed SketchUp MAKE it won’t expire in 30 days.

SketchUp Free will do it as will SketchUp Make 2017 (or any earlier version of SketchUp Make).

No work around needed. See above.

You can open it directly in SketchUp Free or upload it to the 3D Warehouse and access it from there. Or use Trimble Connect.

I guess you could look at the release notes to find out when they were added.

It is an unfortunate reality that the fly out tool bars only make it harder to find the tool you want.

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True. Users do need to poke around a bit.

It’s like the pointless getting started toolbar that everyone removes once they find the large toolset.
But there isn’t a large toolset in the Web version.

Yeah. True.

Is it time for something amber?

Long past time. Or should I say right in the middle of. It’s been 40c here today and hotter tomorrow. Have to hide in the air con with a bit of liquid cooling.

I think we strolled off topic a tad.

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