Toolbar Broken

When I open sketchup 2022 and go View > Toolbars the menu bar greys out and I can’t click on anything in the menu bar. I can still click on tools in the toolbar but clicking on various tools does nothing and I can’t use the tools. I can no longer zoom around or orbit view. I close the program and start it again and the program is back to normal until I try to edit the toolbar again.

Windows 11 Home

The toolbars are not functional while View>Toolbars is open. It’s supposed to be that way.

Right, if the toolbar window ever actually appeared that would make sense, but it never pops up. I guess I failed to mention that part.

Yes. That’s an important part. It’s opening off screen. Try opening Preferences>Workspace and click on Reset Workspace.

Thank you! That did the trick!

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