Tool Windows Moving After Saving/Auto-Saving

Every time the I manually save or the program auto-saves, the different tool windows I have open (Entity Info/Materials/Layers/etc.) are moved to the center of the sketchup window.

Is there a way to fix the UI to get sketchup to remember the location of where I’ve placed the different tool windows?

I have tried restarting the computer/the program/placement on the primary monitor vs secondary monitor.

You sort of misidentified your graphics processor in your profile (called it an i7, which is the CPU), so this may or may not be your exact issue.

That said, there’s a setting in the nVidia control applet that controls repositioning of dialogs. That should be set to “No Repositioning.”


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Thanks for responding. I am using an AMD FirePro W5000 GPU. I found a similar option in the AMD Catalyst Control Center.

Thank you very much Gully for your help.