Save Workspace Toolbar Tries Position


I have been using Sketchup Pro on a laptop in two places.
One, with a docking station connection with three monitors attached.
Second - the laptop alone.

It is very annoying not to get advantages of the three monitors placing the second some toolboxes and tries.

Is there any option, possibility to save their position to be used alternatively with both described above configuration?

I think changing registry setting is a bit risky.

Thank you in advance.

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Currently not possible without fiddling in the registry.,
Worst case scenario is that you would have to load the saved regedit file?

Thank you. In that case I will have to find some intermediate solution.

I’ve had this struggle on MacOS and been asking for this feature. On a Mac you can do it manually by swapping out JSON files, but it’s a real pain. I’m sure the same could be done on Windows. This is a task that could be done with scripting in the Finder, but I’m not experienced at that. Anyone else with scripting knowledge that wants to take a shot at it?

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