Tool-specific shortcuts

Some custom tools make extensive use of VCB input, (I’m thinking of Fredo6’s excellent work with Thrupaint), and unfortunately if the user has shortcuts assigned to these inputs, they get intercepted and often transfer control right out of the tool.

I wish for custom Sketchup Tools to have their own scope for shortcuts, or at least to ‘shadow’ the shortcuts of the application. This would allow custom tools to become more of an editing ‘environment’. Blender, Modo, and many other applications all allow shortcuts for a particular viewport context, and it really helps when there are a very large set of tools available. Out of the box, Sketchup doesn’t have this problem, but for professional users using lots of plugins, we’re running out of keys.

(I also support the idea of multi-key shortcuts, or chords, as long as the VCB still works!)

What shortcuts are getting called when you are using Thrupaint?

v always gets me. I use it to toggle ‘Hide rest of model’
and x - I have it assigned to Curic Stretch
and for some reason I can’t type in ‘U’ so scaling / translating along U doesn’t work (that might just be a bug)

And what version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

Would using AutoHotKey help?
(you’re using Windows?)

AHK enables me to do space + key which I’ll assign to a ridiculous key combination like ctrl + shift + alt + key.

Also I can do a key short press, long press or double press.

But I can’t have double press m because it messes with the VCB when I type millimetres.

Curic’s latest Pie Menu is good because you can assign a short cut to a number of different Pies and then within each Pie you can assign the 0-9 keys as shortcuts to some of the tools in the Pie

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