Tool for Spacing Elements Evenly

I’m wondering if there’s a SU tool that allows me to click a number of items and align them evenly? This is a basic thing in the Office suite of tools.

'Anything like that in SU?


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The Move tool will do this. Have you investigated the Array function of Move/Copy?

See: Copying What You’ve Already Drawn | SketchUp Help

Mornin’, Dave. Nope, 'don’t know how to use that. Can you dial me in? It’d save me a WORLD of time.


I updated my previous post with a link. Have a look.

Thanks, Dave. Rather than a circle, I’ve got a line of windows in a barn. With equidistant spaces between them. I’m looking to space them out evenly. 'Not seeing that in the link.

Am I missing something?

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Find the image of the house with the fence being created. That’s similar to what you need to do with the windows.

If you’d like the windows to have equal distances between each other and the corners of the barn, then place the edge of the window on the corner, copy it with the move tool so the edge is on the corner, and type in /“number of copies”. After, delete the windows that are floating in space.


Thanks, Forest! I appreciate your sending this.

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