Tool bars gone. Using Chrome

Hi there,
My side toolbars on both sides have disappeared and I cant get them back. I can sometimes see the right-hand one if I shrink my window but the left one is gone no matter what I do. Is this a browser problem? I have restarted twice.

Are you sure they aren’t just off screen? What happens if you maximize the browser window?

Thanks for your help. Maybe this screen shot will help illustrate the issue. Since I’m a new user, I can only post one image. A manually reduced window will show the right hand toolbar but not the left.

Hmmm… I just opened SketchUp Free in Chrome and had no problem. You might quit that page and clear the Chrome history and temp files to see if there’s any change.

Thanks. I restarted Chrome several times with no improvement. I will try clearing the temps and history this time.

Thank you @DaveR. Clearing out the history and temps worked. Have a great rest of your day!

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