Too slow SketchUp on a new computer

SketchUp-Diagnostic.txt (17.2 KB)

Hi, I just bought a new computer because working in Sketchup on the old one was too slow.
So I decided to invest in a new one, expalained in the store what I need and why I need, I gave them Sketchup and Vray requirements. They offered best solution (at least I think it was the best solution)…
Now when I work, it seems even slower then before. It is driving me crazy!

Can someone please check this Sketchup Diagnostic file and let me know why I still have the issues?
Thanks in advance.

Hard to say, if you post the specs of the computer it would be easier.

RAM…check your RAM speeds. The amount of RAM, say 16GB, can have different speeds that can boost performance. Speeds like 2400 are slower, whereas speeds of 3200 Megahertz are higher. Hope this helps! If not, check your cooling. You may have the right processor/graphics, but if not properly cooled, will not hit the right speeds due to safety settings on those components.