Sketchup slowing by time

hi. I want to find a solution too to slow SketchUp. more likely for slowing down over time. I work at the office and a few days at home. I have since to my folders. The work PC is 6-7years old with intel I7 and GT750M GPU. home PC is brand new with Ryzen and GPU GTX1650, it is way more modern than the work PC. files are the same. in the office with an old PC, I can work for 5 hours and Sketchup works fine for me. but at home by the 30 minutes, I must restart Sketchup for lagging. Sketchup settings are the same. but by the time is slowing. slower and slower finding edge corners, select line slow, show up context menu will appear slower and slower. I am looking for issues not in .skp file size or line count but in something different.

I’m not going to bother asking you not to double post, nor will I go to any great length to say you shouldn’t be using 2017 Make for work, I’ll let the backroom boys deal with that in their own way. Not sure I would want to be on the receiving end of that.

But to your issue of slowing down and things working differently on different PCs. I can assure you from experience that one computer and its settings are not the same on another computer, even a computer with identical specs.
As a related aside I recently moved my whole setup from one room to another and added a couple of screens via a hub while removing another. Basically reworked a selection of monitors and peripherals connected to a steam driven laptop. Everything was working fine, pretty slow because it is old and struggling, but working. Then I sort of noticed it might have been struggling more than before and thought I really have to sell some blood and get a new pc. Other things were taking too long, not just sketchup. Oh bollocks, thinks I, how can a secondhand laptop not last more than 15 years, I might have to sell other bodily fluids.
Anyway, to cut a disturbing story short, I decided to relocate all the cables and such before thinking about a new rig. So I pulled it all apart, moved everything around and plugged everything back in, mostly in different holes, rebooted the system and low and behold everything is working better than ever. Just to be clear this is all external plugs.

The long and painfully tedious point here is that every system is different and it can even be something as simple as a faulty usb port that brings you down. Comparing apples to gooseberries will give you cranberries, and everyone knows they are c rap.

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