Too short tag picker

No matter how huge screen resolution I had, the layer/ tag picker (that yellow table in my top left corner) will stick with a fixed height, which is a pain <I won’t tell where> when working with many tags. My mouse scrolling never ends when I need to reassign tags in complex models like this one. Here I can only see some of them without scrolling, even though all of them could easily be displayed on my monitor.

Please, modify this and let the tag picker expand to the bottom of the screen when needed, so we could possibly see more tags at once.

All of them are displayed in the tags palette on the right side of the screen.

Dude, do you even work in SketchUp?
This is not a solution. The tags palette cannot be used to assign tags to selection, and that’s why we use Tags toolbar, the one on the upper left corner of my screenshot.
Indeed, it would be nice to have something like “assign (chosen tag) to selection” when we right click a tag on tags palette, but there’s nothing like this. I think the easiest solution is to just let the tag toolbar expand without any limit.

No doubt, bro.

Or use the Entity Info panel.

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Yes, but you have to scroll the list of tags as well. It’s the same problem.

logical that SU should include in the Contextual Menu. Anyway, there is a plugin called “Put on Layer” at the SketchUcation Store, which does this.

I think that the solution to your issue has already been put forth and hopefully has helped you. However, while looking at the image that you put in your original post, I have a question for you. I really like the surrounding user interface that you have with the dark mode rather than the typical white UI. I was wondering how you accomplished this.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Hi, harmanmj1,
Many people ask me about that. I think I should make myself a template for the answer :smiley:
It takes a bit of tweaking. It’s a custom visual theme for Windows, downloaded from there:

It will affect the appearance of the entire Windows 10 interface, rendering it dark. It also affects SOME (but only some) of system and third-party apps, like Notepad, SketchUp or ArchiCAD.

You need to download it for the right version of your system (Windows 10 itself has a couple of them), so carefully follow the instructions provided. You’ll also need to hack a Windows setting that prevents installing custom visual themes. This step is actually easy - you need a program like UX Theme Patcher and just a few clicks in there. Then you install the theme and choose it in your desktop preferences.

Just be aware that it may cause some visual issues. Not like mechanical damage, but some interfaces may look weird, because they didn’t adjust well. And if you use ArchiCAD, it looks bad with this particular theme - little contrast, everything’s just too dark. Recently, things got even worse after the last Windows 10 update, and now I have a weird mixture of bright and dark UIs in my system tools and other apps. I need to fix it. So it’s not a perfect solution, but at least it can make SketchUp look better, maybe also reducing your eye strain.