Too large model may slow down SketchUp

When trying to download a model from 3DWH and the following message appears: “You’ve selected a model which may slow down SketchUp or cause other issues,” is there a solution to this? I mean, a way to make the model smaller so it wouldn’t slow down my project?

Open it in a new, blank file. Purge unused, save, go back to your model, file>import, bring in the 3DWH model. That should help.

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It depends on how the model has been made. If it consists of overly detailed surfaces with very small faces using a polyreducing plugin like Skimp or an external application may help. If it has overly large embedded texture images they can be reduced with an image editor.

In any case it is better to download it into a separate file and to inspect it before adding it into your actual model.