Toggling - where and how -

I am new to Sketchup - trying to toggle entities into place… Says I can do that but nothing happens…
What am I missing…?

What do you mean by this?

What says you can do this? What are you doing to try making this happen?

Or in the shorter form, Toggling - who and what -

Layers can toggle entities into place.

Layers Tutorial:

Thanks - that helped -
Here is another one…
How do I get this area to fill in on the bottom?
Had a line there that I forgot to remove before I extruded it.
Then I deleted it and now it won’t fill in.

new rainscreen clip.skp (302 KB)

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Normally you would draw in lines between vertices on the two arcs but your arcs are different top and bottom. Here I’ve drawn those lines down from the upper arc but they don’t even touch the lower arc. How did you do that?

The easiest thing at this stage would be to copy the top face and extrude the whole thing again and then add the hole.

new rainscreen clip.skp (84.9 KB)

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