Correct Points and Entity Hurdle

I’m new to SketchUp obviously. I cannot believe how cumbersome this program is! Autodesk’s Architecture/Desktop is so easy but I no longer have it. I’ve made an entity. (Cannot believe that I have to “redraw” by tracing over my cad file. So the points clicked on the wrong spot. I can Push/Pull it up but I want to correct the correct that is wrong. How is this done? Also, my cadfile is level, all points are z=0. And lines are closed polygons. I traced over a section and it is not creating an shaded entity. What are main reasons for this?

Hope that someone can get me past these two hurdles!

It looks as if you are tracing edges that are inside a group, your imported cad model.
Double click on the group to open it. Now trace just one edge to get SketchUp to create a face for the closed loop(s) the edge belongs to. Click outside the group to close it.
Read about groups and components and how to create and edit them.

Thank you muchly!! :slight_smile: I will look into this tonight. I expected the basics to be more easy. Looking forward.

Thanks again.

Hm… I should say that I’m starting with SketchUp’s free version. Also, my cadfile came in as one solid unit. Touching it makes it all light up blue. I tried to double-click on a portion as you described and then about half of it lights up blue. Is it possible to upload the file here?

Well, I’m having some luck through trying and retrying just by tracing and push/pulling. What a tedious process… but it IS free. Will try to complete it.