Toggle Terrain doesn't work well

Hi guys,

recently I often have this problem attached with Google Toggle Terrain tool.
No problems until Geo-Location import but something wrong happens with Toggling.
Anyone knows what’s the problem?
Hope someone can help me!


First, it’s not a “Google Toggle Terrain tool.” It has nothing to do with Google.

What is the location of the site? It may be that Digital Globe has supplied poor terrain data for that location. Let someone else try and see what they get.

Thank you so much.

This is the location:
44°06’47.9"N 10°13’16.9"E
(44.113317, 10.221358)

Looks like bad terrain data from Digital Globe. I see the same sort of thing. The height for the region I got is almost 5-1/2 Km tall.

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