Toggle On/Off Line Weights in Layout


Is there a way to quickly toggle on /off line weight display in Layout?

I find that when Hatching or adding lines that it can be a bit difficult to find snapping points because of the line thicknesses.


Are these lines that were created in LayOut? There’s no control to toggle the line weight on and off. You can change the line weight in Shape Style and you can turn off Stroke to make the lines not show. You’ll have to select them first, though.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version, Operating system and graphics card.


Thanks Dave. The Line weights that I refer to are both to the inserted model and the lines drawn in Layout. It can get quite cluttered at times in Layout. I can change the line weight setting on the inserted model (Sketchup Model / Styles tab).

I was just hoping that there was a shortcut key etc.

I will update my profile. I am using Pro 2018.


Yes you can.

You can set a Shortcut key to toggle Stoke display and a shortcut to open the SketchUp Model window but that’s as close as you can get.


Thanks Dave