Changing line / stroke weight in sketchup / layout

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I’ve created a chandelier model in sketchup and I’d like to make the lines / stroke thinner so it makes the image look less heavy handed. Do t think I can do that in sketchup right? If I export to layout I can’t figure out how to make the stroke weight change impact the model I imported. Can I change the stroke weight of edges in a model I created in sketchup but brought I to layout? Is it possible to do that in sketchup? Thanks. Scott

If you select the viewport in LayOut you can change the Line Scale to change the weight.
Screenshot - 4_18_2020 , 4_09_18 PM

There’s no line weight control in SketchUp. You can adjust the weight of profile edges but not other edges. In LayOut the line weight setting is for all edges in the viewport. There are a couple of options for allowing finer control over line weight. The best is probably stacked viewports with different tags visible.

Thanks Dave! I can’t find the viewport in layout when I bring in a sketchup file…hmmm😳

The viewport is the view of the model. Do you see that?

I think I’ll need to watch some layout video tutorials before jumping in

Yes I see the entire mode in the screen

You want to look at it together?

Yes rhat would be cool

Gimme a couple of minutes and I’ll send you a PM.

Ok thanks

PM sent. Click on your avatar in the upper right part of the forum page.

Select the image of your chandelier. That’s the viewport.