To place smaller curves into big curves and so on

As summer is gone I set myself goals in my classic old SketchUp to improve and learn in the rainy times.
I also have a concept to integrate a shape similar to the Hosta leaf into a building concept.

So I need to get better with curves within 3D.

So I’d like to start to make a HOSTA plant (starting with one leaf)
and then if I manage a KALE leaf (which is basically many curves in curves)
I dried the Hosta leaf but to flatten it is impossible
so how to add the folded measurement that one can see in the back (in the fold)
I have measured it with sewing measure tape to compare the distance.
So how would I go about I guess it has to do something with the sandbox
but how do I add smaller and smaller polygons

The Kale leaf looks like a maze.

Thank you for any advice, direction and time anyone takes for me to reach these goals.

I made this hosta plant.

I just downloaded a picture of a leaf

traced it & bent it

and used MakeFur to create a bunch of them.

For high poly organic shapes like a kale leaf, I’d suggest a subdivision extension such as Artisan Organic Toolset. You can draw a low poly version, then the subdivide tool will make it all curvy. Even still, it might take a while to model all the low poly curls because there are so many, but it should work. Here’s a kale plant I modeled with Artisan. There’s one leaf component that I scaled to 3 sizes and just made a radial array.

For this leaf, I drew one half in low poly

and mirrored it & subdivided it

Here’s the image I used for the texture


Thank you very much for your effort but I only have the last free Sketchup.
May I ask how do you decide and start to make something in LOW POLY or HIGH POLY?
So I can’t access plugins etc.
(such as Artisan Organic Toolset.) and (make fur) I suppose they are part of other versions
But I will try to apply your way of thinking
I don’t need MANY leaves one will suffice.
What I am trying is to get rid of “square edges” and reach the smoothest edges
as my leaf would be a rather larges set into an architectural context.
Appreciated several of your picture posts especially the plastic wrap home in New York.
Will let you see my evolution.
I see you have rendered several architectural scenes
I am still desperately trying to learn where and how to start any kind of open source rendering
Kerytea is the only one I have and still it’s difficult
how to apply such thing say for a 60 storeys building.
Till now I do incredible hours of photoshopping to reach something like this I am not really very happy with!

for example how to reproject scenes onto surfaces that are
fractured with window frames or that are not vertical and reflect other things
also I am frustrated with the limited amount of colours shades and materials in Sketchup

I wish I could find a partner to render my projects and with credits to that person
as I refrain from publicising my conceptual work thinking they look poor and amateurish.
I have many very intricate and detailed building projects but I am a one man band
My initial education and work since years ago was in Interior and Fashion Design
all the rest I have learned while building and renovating homes.

Thank you so much for your time and interest to help.


Having less faces and edges in your model speeds up rendering, modeling, and even orbiting your 3D model. Sometimes having too much geometry in your model can be cumbersome. Generally, it’s best to use the least amount of geometry to accurately represent your scene. Low poly and high poly are also design styles, so you can use either if you prefer. Generally, high poly helps with photorealistic curves and low poly is a cartoony style.

You can still search the 3D Warehouse for leaf shapes, then use them for reference in your design.

You can trace an image of the leaf with arcs instead of lines, so you get smoother edges.

I used to use Kerkythea and it’s hard. Now I use Twilight Render V2. It’s 5x easier to use than Kerkythea, but it’s a plugin. So you’d have to download SketchUp Make 2017. Here’s a link to both.

Download SketchUp Make (free):

Download Twilight Render V2 (hobby version is free :+1:):

Here is a list of things that might improve your final image:

  • High resolution background image
  • Either use textures for the windows
    Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!
    (You can make a free account, then download 15 royalty free seamless textures per day)
    or complete the interiors of the building.
  • Do a render with Kerkythea or Twilight, so the building matches the photorealistic background. Or Make the background in SketchUp to match the visible-edge style of the model. Generally, having continuity of style helps to unify your scene.
  • Use photorealistic 2D Face-me vegetation from the 3D Warehouse. Be a little picky by avoiding badly cropped trees or low-resolution photos.

SketchUp Make, the old free version of SketchUp, allows you to import materials. is a really awesome site for getting free textures.

You can! In this forum, there is a commercial & collaborative work section. If you make a post there about it, then I’m sure someone would love to render your projects for you. Just remember to say you’re looking for someone to collaborate with for a non-commercial recreational project because you’re using SketchUp Free. You make beautiful architecture.

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for your effort in explaining in detail to me.
I just looked up this suggested area.
My hope is to make a site later on and “maybe” attract interest by developers etc. (can one dream?)
I can’t do that unless I have decent renderings.
How do I put this across? I guess who doesn’t ask doesn’t get.
I have put many years into many of these project learning and improving
With the Internet, I am always highly concerned that someone just takes a project and runs
with it …And what can one do about it then?
My friend architect in Europe won a Design contest for a Hotel going down a quarry in Belgium
it was never built but now there are two very similar projects built in China. No credit to him ever
and he speaks fluent Mandarin etc…he could have consulted etc.
But If I don’t put my stuff out there on a decent platform it will die with me :slight_smile:

Obviously, my interest would be NOT to hide any party involved into the
renderer participation/co-operation/help as it would become teamwork.

Currently, I am exploring creative presentations of projects…with PS filters etc

Trying to integrate into existing skylines and imaginary settings
I have purchased some PS action package to create these looks
Not easy to come by different types.
I know in real life in the process of designing big buildings involves many
and rendering is most probably the last thing the architect would do himself.
Aaah the one band issues to overcome. Will try to make a decent request.
Will let you know when I do.
Will start with the A shaped building I showed you and see how it goes.
Till later.
PS: The leaf project will have to wait later winter days for now. Till then will try to work on it
as you may have noted my English is not perfect I am German/French-educated.