How can I have vines, greenery grow along these curves?

I am trying to make greenery plants grow from the base and up into the net of the curved objects on top. I can’t seem to describe it ahaha… It’s like a wall plant that when it grows its attached to a surface. Something like that. And I cant seem to find a plant in warehouse that is like that. If there’s a way to help me, I would be very grateful.

I got the canopy from Paul. Thank you Paul.

You should check Sketchup Ivy plugin.

I tried it, my computer keeps crashing :((( but it seems like a cool extension.

Update your graphics driver lately? Are you using a laptop, if so, is your NVidia card selected to be used for SU? Go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Graphics card details. What card does it say you’re using?

In the plugin’s usage information, it does mention that crashing can occur, so save before using. Did you try different styles? For what’s its worth, I just tried it and it made some nice, maggly branches.

A thought, have you tried the plugin in a new file? If a part, or all, of the canopy columns is a component, you can r-click > Save As. Your column will be save as its own file. Then experiment on one model. If something works, save the file. In the original file r-click on the column that was saved > Reload.

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