Making piping or vines

I am new to Sketchup, and I can’t bend a 3d pip. I Am trying to make a birdhouse, and I did that no problem, but when I am doing the detailing, I am trying to make vines growing on the inside wall, but I can’t get them to go up and down like a vine, or pip. Do I need to download a add-on to do this? What is the next move? And is there a place on Sketchup that can let me download fairy’s in my dollhouse? I wanted to have fairy carving’s in the birdhouse. Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,

Sculpting geometry requires knowledge of SketchUp’s tools and a fair amount of practice.
Many new users learn about the tools by watching the SketchUp Video Tutorials

Yes, there are extensions that can help with modeling organic shapes, but you will still need skill with the native tools to be able to work with the complex geometry these extensions often create.

Here’s a guide by a master of organic modeling to help you learn the power of SU’s native tools.
Tweaking Tool Tips — SketchUp Sage Site

There, you’ll find this example and many more