I need help finding and downloading plants!

Hey Guys!

I’m newish to Sketch up and I am loving it so far! One of the biggest reasons I have it is to design landscapes. So here’s my issue…

I can easily make structures, hardscape, propery lines, etc. What I can’t seem to do consistently, is populate with plants. (Which of course is kinda the whole point of landscaping)

I know there’s extensions, and the 3D warehouse. But I haven’t found much. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? the 3D warehouse has “plants” but I can’t find anything consistent. I downloaded an extension Suplants, but it doesn’t work, and they haven’t gotten back to me. Does anyone have a reliable extension or warehouse knowledge for a VARIETY of CONSISTENT looking plants/trees?

Thank you in advance!

Watch this, Aaron explains it well. I was using 3D warehouse incorrectly until I watched it. Good luck.