TMP file Help

I saved a sketch up yesterday, normally when it saved, it will still keep open the cad, but my sketch up file auto close on its own after “saving”
Today, when I want to open the file to continue my work, it only shows TMP files and I cannot open it. What is tmp file?

Edit: I just noticed that there are several TMP files aside from the final one I’ve “saved” before shutting down my computer.
Edit 2: All the autosave files are in TMP format :confused:

• Where was the file located when you opened it?

• Did you save the file to your local disc?
• Or, are you saving files to a storage / synchronization service like Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and the like?

The existence of TMP files points to the latter, which carries certain risks.

My apologies for the delay!
The file was located inside our dropbox which we were trying to create an interior house.
This is not the first time we save inside dropbox, we didn’t have this problem before. That was the first time we encounter this problem :confused:

Edit: I remembered a pop up dialog(?) showing up when I tried to save it previously (Not the final save which auto shut on its own) Can’t remember what it was but I’m not sure if its important…

These are risky business:
• Opening a model file directly from a cloud storage / synchronization service or any other external storage.
• Saving an active model file directly to a storage / synchronization service or any other external storage.

Best Practice:
Always save to your local disc and then save a copy to external storage.
Always copy the file from external storage to your local disk and then work with the local file.

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Thank you for letting me know, I will take note of this :slight_smile:

May I ask, by chance do you know what causes the file to become TMP format? Is it possible to recover TMP files?
Edit: I also remembered the dialog pop up (error?) has something like Exception 0…(?)

They are probably created to secure transfer of the file to the dropbox server, so if you do another save while the former has not been uploaded, yet (filesize does matter), it will create another temp file. Etc

You can try by changing the extension in skp, but it might be seen as ‘corrupted’

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Oh my >.<
I tried to change to skp but it was denied ;_; Thank you so much for explaining ^^!

This is not convenient when you work with 5 or so projects at once that are constantly changing. I have been saving to a network drive for 1.5 years 8 hours a day 5 days a week and today was the first time this happened.

I have noticed a couple say that this coupled with a model that has not been worked on for more than 1 year being a common convergence that cause this problem. So maybe it has to do with how sketchup saves models differently from older versions? (also I have had tons less crashing/ saving issues since I turned off the automatically fix problems with the model option.)

From what we’ve been seeing in reports here on this forum and elsewhere, I’d say you’ve been extremely lucky. If it only happens once every year and a half, maybe it’s worth the risk. There are a lot of places where things can break down between your computer and the cloud. If you are only saving the file to the cloud storage, you are counting on no breaks in the links. It’s kind of like handing off a wad of cash to someone you don’t know and expecting them to deposit the money in your bank account. Call me paranoid but I’m not thrilled about taking that kind of a chance with my work.

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Not cloud just our own network. Is that different?

Are you hardwired to the server on which you’re saving your files?

We have seen reports from time to time of similar problems when using a network storage location although not as many as we’ve seen with cloud storage. I don’t know whether that means local network storage is less prone to errors or there are just fewer users trying to work directly from their server.

I understand the need to make a file accessible to multiple users but the potential for problems I’d rather avoid proactively would keep me from working on a remotely stored file.

Yes it is hard wired. And my local computer does not have enough storage for all the files even if we wanted to do that. I am aggravated that there is not a way to set the backup saves somewhere other than where the main save it because that would be a way to have a lot more security. It would be safe increase something happened to the server and maybe avoid this problem.


You really only need to keep current files locally. Once you’ve finished with the file and are satisfied that it is uploaded back to your server, you delete it from your local drive. Kind of like putting the book back on the shelf when you’ve finished with it for the time being.

I will keep it in mind.