Sketchup saves files as tmp, how can I fix this?

Sketchup saves the files as tmp and throws an error starting with CFileException 0 in. How can I fix this situation please give urgent support.

Are you trying to save directly to the cloud or to a cloud-synced folder? In that case you could try saving to a folder in your own computer.

Please fill your profile with correct information. “4” is not a known graphics card type.

Now I can’t save to onedrive or to a file on the computer. I am confused and helpless as to what to do. One drive is written in the desktop folder, I can open the file and draw, but when I switch to the save part, it does not.

Don’t save to the one drive folder as it wants to syc to the cloud. Save to a folder in a location on your hard drive that does not sync to anything. After the save, if you must copy it to the one drive folder and let it sync.

I have no access or inside information about how SketchUp saves files, but I’ll comment in general terms. Typically an app creates a tmp file while it is in the process of generating a final version. The tmp designation is supposed to prevent other apps from accessing or altering the file until it is final. The error message and remaining tmp file strongly suggest that something interfered with SketchUp’s attempt to save before the file was finished and renamed to skp. Sync to external locations of any kind is a likely culprit.

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