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well…lets just say It is a version of a shouldered Anchor -Beam joint, which, originated from the Netherlands, travelled all the way to Pennsylvania and went through various changes ! I feel I have to speak up for my ancestors :smile:

We usually make pegs by sawing, 8-sides and bevelled at the front. The (round) holes of the post don’t line up exactly wth the tenon of the girt, so by hammering the pegs, the joint will get tightened, pegs usually oak, post and girts pine…

here is another great book:



That’s known as draw-bore joinery.


Hi Dave,

thank you very much. I am not just using angled faces, in some drawings i will use 2D drawing, so i need an solution for the two styles.

So in the bottom line, i can make your round break lines or the other break lines i menttioned before. So there is no right and wrong?


Very nice. How do you do this GIF animation? And how do you do different timber joint positions in the same file? It is very interessting.


The gifs are generated with Licecap and I used scenes in this example (multiple instance of the components in different positions and visibility


Thank you very much. This tool is light and amazing. Thank you!

Is there an Tutorial to learn how to do that?


You can use either a curved break line or angled as you wish. For 2D drawings you could use the curve idea, too.


Hi Dave,

ok thank you. Any suggestion how i can make fast an easy this curved break line?

I checked out the tutorial from aaron bishop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_ZR4zQk8p4) but it seems to be very complex. I wanna style about 70 scarf joints :-S


I used the Bezier curve tool from Fredo’s Bezier Spline extension to draw the curves and his Curviloft extension to create the surface. You can get both from Sketchucation.

Round Corner is a great tool but not for this particular job.


Make a solid ‘cutting block’ and then use the solid tools to subtract or trim it from the timbers.


Here’s a similar post…:

using dynamic components and a different style:

.skp included ! Have fun! Scarf Joint.skp (640.4 KB)


Picking a small nit here - I wouldn’t call this a Scarf joint, more an oblique pegged Mortice and Tenon.

Scarf joint to me implies overlapping end to end joint to lengthen a piece of timber.


It is not small, didn’t change the name of the .skp :blush: What bothers me more is the second ‘onclock’ operation (pulling out the girt first and then the pegs :smile:


If you should interested, I could make a dynamic component.
By clicking with the dynamic component ‘hand’-tool, the joint opens or close (as an animation).
Somebody interested?

Johan Van Synghel


Read through all the posts here and was wondering if you managed to arrange everything in the end?


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