Timber joints style - your opinion



Hello everybody,

I run a do-it-yourselfer blog and are just drawing wood links. Now I bought Sketchup Pro and I test a lot. For example, to design handsome wooden joints. An example I have attached and here in live: https://baubeaver.de/holzbalken-verbinden/

My question to you: how do you find that? Does this look good or would you change a texture?

Thank you very much.


I think it looks fine although I would scale the face grain up to a suitable size and make the end grain darker than the face grain.


Hi Dave, thank you for your opinion. Something like this?


The face grain is better but I think it could go a bit larger. The end grain would be even darker.

Keep in mind, this is from someone who works with wood and is kind of a stickler for details. Most people aren’t going to notice or care. :smiley:


The second image is better, but the vertical face grain is repetitive.
I think it might look more natural if the adjoining face grains were mirrored. (Perhaps even rotated 180 degrees.)


Yes, you are right. Thank you very much for your opinion. I tested various textures, but no texture makes me really happy. I found this image:

and i really like this one veeeeery much. Any idea where i can get this texture-styl?


On a practicle note: can you have two “inside corners” at right angles made by machine production?
Without a manual finishing touch with chisel?
You say: So kannst du selbst entscheiden ob du den Schritt in den Baumarkt machen möchtest oder deine Handwerklichen Fertigkeiten verfeinern willst.

I realy like the way you put these perspectives together for informative purpose!
As for textures, @DanRathbun is right, you wouldn’t expect wood to have this kind of repetition on two perpendicular sides.


I think you would need to make a texture like that. As for the edge style, you can make that but you might find an existing sketchy style workable. There are a bunch of styles available in the Sketchucation Shop, too.

I make my own wood grain textures from full length boards to make it easier to prevent repetition.



can you have two “inside corners” at right angles made by machine production?

In no sentence i am saying this :slight_smile:

the first part of this sentence (“So kannst du selbst entscheiden ob du den Schritt in den Baumarkt machen möchtest”) is referring to the metal joints. It is easier.

“…oder deine Handwerklichen Fertigkeiten verfeinern willst.” is referring to the timber joints.

And thank you very much for your opinion.


Neither did I. The model made me think so. So hammer and chisel it is. :thumbsup:


It would be possible to cut a square inside corner like that with a machine. A mortise using a square mortise chisel would be one way.


Hi, ok sorry :slight_smile:


Maybe in two steps yes, but with three 90 degree inside angles coming together and without anything round left?


Yes. With a square mortising chisel. If it’s properly setup, it’ll create a clean, square inside corner.


Yes, without anything round left…


Thanks @Thorleyian and @DaveR, I’m not a woodworker and couldn’t get the full “picture” from just a picture of the square chisel. But after a good video I’m convinced and learned something new to me. The square around the chisel presses out the corners like hammer and chisel would do. I didn’t know about the combination.


Here’s a possible variation on the theme, I’ve added a bit more “substance” for strength. May be of some use, I’ve just been playing around with the idea…



i am working on an new styl and in my new Blogpost i published this one:

What do you think? It is better?


The texture repeats too much still.


Ok, thank you very much for your feedback