TIG ExtrudeTools LoadError in SU2019

Please here is an issue.

Thanks in advance.

Where did you get the copy of Extrude Tools? Did you copy it from an older installations? Go to Sketchucation and download the current version and install that. Any change?

That error is due to a change in Ruby’s rules in the new versions. SketchUcation’s listing says the extension is compatible with SU 2019, so it seems likely that you have installed an obsolete version of the extension. As @DaveR suggested, download and install a fresh copy from SketchUcation.

The error was fixed with an update to the Extension’s RBZ over six months ago - it’s available here:
As explained, changes to SketchUp Ruby tripped up a few scripts which used a now deprecated method…
It’s always best to download and install the latest versions of your Extensions for a new version of SketchUp.

Incidentally, just posting your issue here, rather than in this extension's main thread, over at SketchUcation might have been somewhat less productive - however, it was spotted by those in the know, and I saw it too...
PS: Please update your Profile - the version info is out of date ?

hello TIG.
Thanks so much, it works. :slight_smile: SOLVED…

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