Error when starting sketchup

Always I run Sketchup, appeared the following error message (see attached file). However, Sketchup works fine
Any help, please?

That is a message indicating an extension called Simple Building Generator isn’t loading correctly. Remove it and the message should not be displayed. It may be that the extension hasn’t been installed correctly or is not compatible with SketchUp 2021.

Looking at Sketchucation, Simple Building Generator has not been updated since 2015 so it’s likely it wonlt work in SU2021. Looks like the author has quit developing it. He hasn’t signed in to Sketchucation since July of 2016.

If you read the thread relating to the script at SketchUcation, you’ll see it’s 6 years old and hasn’t had much TLC since.
I’m guessing you got it from the PluginStore there, where it’s not been updated since 2015.
There’s a post in that topic from 2017 explaining that it’s incompatible with many newer SketchUp versions, without some re-coding…
It also has other noted problems too…

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@TIG is right. There is nothing at SketchUcation or the Extension Warehouse that certifies whether an extension is compatible with new releases of SketchUp. It is up to the extension author to do that check and then revise the listing. Many old extensions will still run, but others may fail. The specific case you gave appears to be incompatibility of the old code with the version of Ruby in newer releases of SketchUp, as syntax errors are being raised during load.