Tick-Tock then I Drop

Back in March, I placed my order for Trimble Connect for three of my employees. As of today I still don’t have access for them, Is this anything anyone else had to go through? I have been talking with numerous people inside of the Trimble corp. tree and it seems that no one thinks emailing their customers back are appropriate although someone cashed the 300+ dollar check for the services.

What should be my next step? Should I post up the last 6 weeks of emails from Trimble Corp showing the lack of customer skills? Time is ticking and without an answer, I say YES.
SO… stay tuned I may just stir the pot.

I don’t know who you have tried to contact at Trimble- but if you bought this as a part of a SketchUp subscription you might want to contact our support team directly.

Katie in support was my last contact, haven’t heard back from her in over a week. Her last words to me were

"I am touching base with my order desk team now to see if they can see anything holding up the licenses being applied to your account.

I am hoping to hear back within the next 24 hours."

That was over a week ago.

Started with my sales associate, made my order / digi signed my contract / approved order for a check after there accounting dept contacted me / cut a check / now they wont reply. Remember this was started in March…

Something has to change or my parent organization will kick Trimble to the curb for Top-con.

This forum isn’t connected to the Trimble Connect team directly and is for issues with SketchUp products. I have forwarded your information and post to the Connect team, they should be in touch shortly.

I like the fact that you tried to helped me, although still no reply from anyone in the connect support team as of this morning. I am willing to give them till the end of the day then I will drop the emails.
Man this is going to make them look REALLY bad but I have no other options.
Oh and in case ya’ll are thinking this is a little drastic, it’s the second time an issue like this has happened, first time we had a week+ of a complete system down situation and SU support was HARD to get help out of. SU support team came through in the end although it did have me miss an important deadline. TICK_TOCK Trimble

I have escalated this case again, please let me know if you do not hear back from anyone today.

If I don’t hear from anyone today, I will let you know.

Letting you know I have not heard a peep from your team in connect. So, I made the drop, feel free to let someone call me direct or email me. PM me for my email or number.

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WOW, thanks mod.
deleting my EMAIL DROP post is right inline with your company guidelines. good call. maybe you can help and let me know a next step?

The moderator did not delete it. It appears that enough community members flagged it and the forum software has automatically hidden it. Very likely it was flagged because it is against forum guidelines. Clearly you’re frustrated but that isn’t a justification for your actions here.


Interesting. I wonder how A. Brumley feels about your display of character and professionalism.

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I’m very confident in the moves we are making, not only look forward to seeing this issue come to light but feel the team is behind me on this 100%. Professionalism and character is what we pride ourselves on, I would like to see the Trimble organization do the same sir.

maybe a local representative would help

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