Thumbnails not showing but the backup thumbnail skb does

Using Windows 11 and Sketchup Make 2017. Thumbnails not showing in file explorer however, the it does show for the backup file (.skb). Settings in windows are ok, I have re-installed Sketchup. did the repair function. I also verified the setting for …/options/view and they are set properly, “Always show Icons never thumbnails” is UNchecked, and the “Display file icon on thumbnails” IS checked.
What else can I do??? I would prefer not using a third party application.
Jean. B

On Windows 10 some users found they needed to install thumbsup.dll. That might be the case for you. You could at least try it. It won’t hurt anything. Keep in mind that SketchUp 2017 doesn’t support Windows 11 and it’s entirely possible that at some point the OS will likely evolve out from under it and it won’t work at all.

Ok Dave… I downloaded thumbsup.dll and replaced the old one and still doesn’t work… As you said, it’s probably due to my running windows 11… I guess I have to accept the way it is now. Thanks anyway.