Throwback thursday

15|2001 Studio Arnhems Meisjes 150320.skp|attachment (1.9 MB) Here is a counter I have made some years ago:

Design: Arnhemse Meisjes
BAR THIALF 05-05.pdf (2.2 MB)


Another one:
image image

This one is all made up with lux tiling boards

Sketchup template manual.pdf (1.3 MB)


That’s some tile. Really like the green one.

That one is called ‘Grass’

combined with ‘Chestnutt’:

The tiling system is based on the 15cm grid (about 6") but then in all 3 dimensions. There are six construction tiles and various function tiles. They all fit in the traditional grid of the normal wall and floor tiles (147x147) and acts like a blanket of tiles.
All tiles are ‘double baked’ so they are actually all floor tiles (8.5mm thick!)
While most of the time, a texture would suffice, in order to know how many tiles and what type exactly you would need, SketchUp components make the ordering process easily.

With the layers for the underlay and a quick design proxy, you can derive info on what to build, quickly.
(and were to place electra, faucets etc.)

Though it seems difficult to built the underlay, it is not really rocket science:

Three possibilities: Inbound, outbound and combined (out/in or in/out)
Inbound: Module 15cm * tiles + 1,5 cm
Outbound: Module 15 * tiles - 1,5cm
Combined: Module 15 * tiles

In the template, there is a Snap enabled of 15 cm and minimum for rotation.


Nice! These tiles are your ownbmaking or do you buy them to a manufacturer?

I was closely involved with the designers who manufacture the special tiles themselves. It is a niche market.

Did a project near Corūna, as well, isn’t that close to were you are located?

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Yes, it’s close but like 500km close.

Nowadays it would be easy to contact them directly in the Nederlands.

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This was 7 years ago, at the Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch, for painting workshops, designed by Jeroen Wand:




JeroenWand.skp (439.1 KB)


Some background info:

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