Threads in Sketchup?


Is there a way to add threads to sketchup?

Some of the things I will be drawing will use threaded rod, nuts, bolts etc, and at the moment, I am just making these from a cylinder, and adding a note that they are M20 threaded rod etc.

Is there a plugin or option that I can actually have the thread visually showing?

Hopefully you can see the attachment which shows what I am trying to describe?

Thanks a lot

Creating mass amounts of tiny geometry (like modeling screw threads) will slow model performance.
If you absolutely need that level of detail in your model, then have a look over here…

I would recommend filling with a texture that makes it look like lines:

(I made a box this diameter, filled a side with the texture, then scaled/positioned it at an angle. Then used the pipette to copy the edited texture and pasted it onto the column.)


Thank you for the replies.

Geo, as I don’t have the fastest PC in the world, I think you are correct that it would slow things down too much.

I will try gadget2020 suggestion, as it is only for visuals really, not practical.

Thanks a lot for the help