Need help making nut and bolt



I am new user and would like to know how to make bolt and nut which I need for my project so if anyone would be kind enough to write step by step tutorial I would be grateful

thanks in advance :smile:


There are many tutorials already existing describing how to draw threads. Here’s one I did some time back. A google search will turn up more.


thx on reply,though I had found another tutorial on SketchUcation which is bit less confusing but still couldnt manage to do it properly.I have fixed bolts(3mm radius) on a panel and all I need is to draw threads on them and corresponding nut for it.


A long list of tutorials, plugins and models. There’s even a plugin to make parts good enough for 3D printing.


You still haven’t said where in the proces of making the nut/bolt+threads you got stuck.

Seeing that you are trying to make bolts with 3mm radius that is way to small for SketchUp.
This might be why you can’t create them as expected. Just a guess.
You need to make them (bolt and nut plus threads) at a larger scale, say x100 and then scale the result down to actual size. Each in its own component environment: bolt and nut.


Check out my vid…should be just what you need

How to virtually test and verify your nut and bolt assembly without incurring the expense of 3D printing

PS:…and as per Wo3Dan’s comment, make it scaled right up or else SU will have trouble with quite a few aspects of the modelling stage, especially the solid subtracts, as one of my commenters found out.