Bolt models importing without threads?

Am trying to make use of this dynamic bolt model, but am confused as to why it imports as simply cylindrical with no protruding threads? Apologies if I’m missing something super basic, am just starting out
Bolt+M6+dynamic.skp (303.2 KB)

It wasn’t modeled with protruding threads. The threads are represented by a material. That was probably don’t to help keep the component’s weight down so it wouldn’t have a real huge impact on models it might be used in. Is there a reason you were expecting 3D modeled threads from it? What is your intent for the bolt? How are you going to use it?

FWIW, it is certainly possible to model a screw with threads. These are M6 screws.
Shoulder screws

Ah interesting, I’m trying to use it as an actual component in a 3d print! Do you know of a collection on 3d warehouse that features bolts with actual threads?

Appreciate you taking the time to respond, thank you!

I’m afraid I don’t know of a collection of useful screw components in the 3D Warehouse. When I need them I make them myself. I have printed M6 screws and they worked but weren’t great.
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The process of modeling them in SketchUp is not incredibly hard but it’s not for beginners. A hint about modeling in SketchUp for 3D printing: set the model units to meters and treat them as if they’re millimeters. Model your M6 screw so it has a 6 meter diameter.

Appreciate the tip! I’ll probably end up integrating some actual hardware into the print, but have been wanting to experiment with 3D printed bolts and threads

Experimenting with them is a good idea. I’d start with something larger. The first threads I printed were about 14 mm in diamteer. Still modeled them as 14 meters in diameter.

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