"This does not appear to be a SketchUp model" issue

Hi there,

I have been working on a file for the last few days and now when I attempt to open it I get this error: “This does not appear to be a SketchUp model”

If someone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

I noticed a few similar posts like this and @colin was able to help?

I look forward to any help I can get.

All the best

Broxborough Park.skp

I don’t know how it got that way, but that file is unrecoverable. It is filled uniformly with binary 1’s; no discernible structure that could be model contents.

Oh dear, that does not sound positive at all!

This was the .skb file; Broxborough Park2.skp I don’t suppose there’s anything here? :crossed_fingers:t2:

Both of those files were in pretty sad shape but I was able to extract half of the info from the skp file and half from the skb file and (with a little black magic) glued the whole thing back in to one model.

Of course, the file was too large to upload to the forum in one piece so here it is as two parts. The first model contains the building and the second model contains the office desk arrangement.

Broxborough Park Stitched Together part1 (SU 2022).skp (12.4 MB)
Broxborough Park Stitched Together part2 (SU 2022).skp (7.7 MB)

Thank you so much! That looks like it’s all there minus a few textures, much quicker to fix than starting from scratch - Very much appreciate your help with this, awesome job!

Salve fino a qualche giorno fa ho lavorato su un file, ho salvato e chiuso e ora mi compare la scritta “questo file sembra non essere un modello sketchup”, qualcuno mi può aiutare per favore? per recuperarlo?

:uk: Share your file here, @colin can take a look at it, maybe something is salvageable :slight_smile:

:it: Condividi il tuo file qui, colin può dargli un’occhiata, forse qualcosa è salvabile :slight_smile:

(grazie google traduttore)