Thingiverse to Sketchup

My son wanted to print an arm-mounted cell phone holder for a costume. He downloaded a file from Thingiverse. Unfortunately, it was just a bit too short. He’s rescaling it in a slicer program and reprinting it.

I was wondering if Sketchup could be used for this problem. We had an stl file (but don’t know what software created it) and loaded it in to Sketchup. The object in Sketchup has a lot of extra geometry. I cleaned it up the best I could but there are still flaws although Solid Inspector gave it an All Shiny.

My question is, could Sketchup be used to lengthen an object from the middle? I want to retain the shaped ends and just want the length increased by 4.7 mm.

Here is the stl we loaded to start the process and the skp file shows as far as I got.

Jesse’s cell phone carrier.skp (219.0 KB)
outerv9.stl (165.4 KB)

You could just carefully select all the curved geometry at one end move it 2.35mm. Then do the same at the other end. If you want the slot for the belt longer too, include the end of the slot in your selection.

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Hi Terry,

I hope you are doing well.

McGordon shows how to adjust the length with the Move tool. One thing you might want to do before doing that, though, is run CleanUp3 (Extension Warehouse) on the imported .stl file to make sure you eliminate unneeded coplanar edges.

Thanks, that did the trick. I was expecting to use the push/pull tool so that was interesting.

That was a lot easier than I thought.

I installed CleanUp3 but I got a message saying it wasn’t compatible (?) with my operating system or my version of Sketchup. I went ahead and installed it but can’t find it in my menu bar to run it. Should it show up in the same place as Solid Inspector2?

You should be able to find it’s toolbar (one button) in View>Toolbars. Might try restarting SketchUp. It would also be in the Extensions menu.

Make sure you have the current version of TT-Lib installed, too.

As for the warning,the compatibility listing and error message just haven’t been updated but it works.

Thanks Dave, I found it in the Extensions Menu and it did a great job in cleaning up the model.

Thanks again.

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