Missing corners when importing and cleaning STL file

I just started using Sketchup Make 2017 for some small prototyping projects.
I have imported an .STL file that I got from GrabCAD and that I need to further modify so it fits my project needs (increase height, make more holes, etc). However, I see that there are some curved corners that are missing and not recognized as surfaces.

Is there a way to fix this?
I am also fine by deleting the rounded edges, but I do not know how to do that. I would really appreciate some help! Thanks in advance!

Arduino_Case_Bottom.skp (4.7 MB)
Arduino_Case_Top.skp (3.7 MB)

Import the .stl file at a larger size in the first place. That’ll get away from the very tiny faces. Your .skp model could be repaired but it’ll be a lot of work. Importing with import units set to Meters will be much easier. Upload the .stl file and I’ll demonstrate.

Hi, thanks for the answer.

The two STL files are from this link:

Unfortunately don’t have the laptop with Sketchup at this moment so I can only share that link.

Thanks. I don’t really want to sign up there to download one .stl file. Maybe you can upload it when you get to your laptop.

Sorry, I forgot that you need an account to download from there. I could download it from my phone.

Here are the files:

smol bottom_rounded.stl (2.1 MB)
smol top_rounded.stl (1.6 MB)

I opened a file with meters scale and imported your first stl. I could see no issues with missing faces, so I think that proves the issue is too small geometry.

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Those work. I’ve imported both of them using meters for the import units.

The cover panel comes in with one bad bit of geometry just above my cursor here:

Easily fixed by editing the component, tracing an edge of the hole, and softening the edges.

The other one comes in solid from the git go.

I presume your intent is to edit these and export new .stl files. Since the .stl files are unitless, you can import in meters, do your work as needed, export the .stl and go to printing.

Here I added a random thing on the front panel, exported a new .stl and upload it to the slicer.

Neither of those parts of the case are especially difficult to model. Depending on what you need to change it might make more sense to use them as references and create entirely new geometry yourself.

Perhaps you could correct your profile while you’re here. Your profile says you are using the web version but you say you are using SketchUp 2017 Make.


Thank you a lot for the detailed input! I will check it first time on Monday when I get access to my computer again.

How do you add that logo in the front? Is it extruded as well? I didn’t know I can do that!

About the version :
I started using the web version but then I came to the point that I needed more features that are not available and then found a trial of the 2017 version and that is the one I am currently using.

I used a dingbat font to create that. It’s a 3D Text component that I used to emboss the panel. There are different ways to do that depending on the version of SketchUp you are using.

Good enough. As a hobby user, either version is good. the Make version does allow you to use some extensions that can at least speed things up for you. It would still help if you correct your forum profile so we know what you might have available to you in the way of tools.

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Will do, thanks!

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