Imported stl file

I imported an stl file into Sketchup Make 2017. I applied the Cleanup extension to it, and I think I softened it too.
It looks alright to me except for the bottom. If I select the bottom face, it seems to include the hole opening. I do see some strangeness in the object but can’t fix it.
imported stl.skp (508.7 KB)

Hi Terry, the thing on the bottom is just caused by a softened edge.

If you triple click on the geometry, then right click, and choose Soften/Smooth Edges, that should resolve itself.

There are holes in the surface above the longitudinal hole due to the small size of the object.

I would suggest scaling it up by a factor of 1000 (mm to m) before attempting to fix those holes. After that you can trace edges as needed to heal the faces.

There is some weird geometry at the opposite end that forms a couple of very tiny ledges. I don’t know if those are supposed to be there or not, though.
Screenshot - 1_24_2024 , 9_55_00 AM

Here’s the cleaned up object. I left those ledges but it is a solid now.
imported stlsolid.skp (592.2 KB)

Thanks Dave. Just back form some grocery shopping.
This drawing is for a roll pin extraction tool. The picture shows it set up on an original friction wheel out of a vintage sewing machine. The new replacement wheel has slightly different dimensions and I’m hoping to come up with a workable tool.
What the picture doesn’t show, is that a 1/8" rod (aluminum rivet actually)

, is pushed down that long tube by the 1/4-20 bolt at the end.

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Interesting project. Thanks for the clarification.

How did you find those tiny ledges you mentioned? I can’t imagine any purpose for them. Are they visible by Hidden Geometry, maybe Xray?

After softening the edges to real with that one for the edge of the hole, I noticed the black horizontal edges at the opposite end. Switching to Xray made them easier to see.

I expect there was some sort of joining the top part to the bottom part and the number of curve segments don’t match from top to bottom so there’s some misalignment of edges where they joined.

Cool! Started playing with Bool Tools2 to see if I could come up with the intersecting bores. I think it’ll be more of an issue with putting the intersecting components exactly where I want them

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I usually find it’s easier to model the intersecting volumes where I want them instead of trying to move them into place,

Yes, I can see that. Draw a component, hide it, and then draw the next component in place, hide it, etc

Yes. That works, at least if the first object is in the way of making the second one.