Help enlarging object, and cleaning it up


I was wondering if some SketchUp gurus would be able to help me - it seems beyond my skill level at the moment.

I have an stl file of an extruder fan for my 3d printer. I want to enlarge it by 10mm on the right hand side ( to make it longer ) and clean it up, as there seems to be lots of “lines” from the central holes ( you will see what i mean once its in wireframe mode ).

Would anyone be able to help me please?

GeeeTech_Prusa_i3_Aluminum_MK8_Cooling_Fan_Bracket_mm.stl (62.4 KB)

Start by running Cleanup3 on it (that will clean up those extra lines). Then JUST grab the lines that make up the right side and use Move to pull those faces to the right.

What you would need to do is select only the geometry at that edge (and curved corner) and then with the move too, move that selection 10mm (use arrow keys to constrain) Not sure if the hole needs to move too, if so, include with your selection.

Just a sidenote: the triangulation is the normal STL format and all geometry gets triangulated while export.

thank you all so much. this community is fantastic.