Thickening of lines after rotation\moving\scaling etc


I have the next visual problem: when I rotate/move/scale etc model, I see visual thickening of lines in ~1 second after. Like on this picture:

I don’t need this visual thickening, it interferes with my work. How can I turn it off?

Thanks in advance.

Go to View/edge style and turn off profiles.

Thank you very much, friend

To support @Box’s text:

I answered without looking at your profile and now I see you say you are using the Free Web version. And due to that the thread has been moved to the web category and @Wo3Dan has given you a better answer than mine if you are using the web version.

On the other hand my answer seemed to work for you which suggests you are using a desktop version.
Please check and make sure your profile is correct as it makes a difference to many answers. And try to post in the correct/most appropriate category so that we are able to correctly answer your questions.