the ∞ SketchUp Wish List



I really like the idea of the standard view with respect to components and not just the model.

The camera-in-the-wall thing is a real pain, I would welcome any changes that could potentially avoid that. Maybe a key you need to press to pass through an existing face, like in the walk around tool?

One thing I use to cope with this problem is [ Camera > Previous ]. It takes you to your previous camera location, and is very helpful once you’ve run through a wall. You can make a shortcut for this command - I use ( ` ).


Scene sets to manage different view groups.
Ability to set autosave location so it wont keep messing with my cloud autobackup.


Dude, [ Camera > Previous ] is really helpful, thanks for telling me that. :+1:


If you need it frequently, set up a keyboard shortcut for it.


First of all, I’m a paying SketchUp Pro user. Please let SketchUp run under Linux. Please Please Please. I’m sick of having to support the insecure and constantly under attack Windows platform, constantly playing cat and mouse with 99% of the hackers on this planet.

I’ve been fighting some Windows problem where SketchUp 2018 can’t load its extensions. I have had a crew waiting for my designs for a week now, and I can’t deliver because some Windows 10 permissions problem that Trimble and their forums can’t figure out.sketchupload


UV mapping or some sort of texture editing for complex shapes.


It would be great to have one button “update” in material preview just for update selected material wit hew updated image with same name. Otherwise you need to click edit and then reopen same updated image.

Update image


The material should be updated live when it is edited. There shouldn’t any need for a button.


For layout please, connect Pages with PDF export. I don’t use presenter at all, but I have template with predefined views in layout pages and it would be perfect to select some pages and turn it off in PDF export.

This option would be nice.

p.s. Pages that are turned of are not in sequence and I cannot use “From-To” in exporter.

Export PDF-01


Support for Linux, Ubuntu and other major distros.


Dynamic component behavior should be such that component attributes are persistent even when the components are nested in a group.


fix clipping. please


Eneroth View Memory is a great extension that accomplishes the same.

  • Please add support for groups of layers like Rhino / Photoshop.
  • An ability to ‘shell’ an entire model for 3D printing purposes would be amazing
  • Bring back multiple windows for layers / components / etc - flexibility is useful sometimes
  • Support for smarter objects for architectural and urban design uses - let us easily export floor area calculations, types of uses, number of parts, etc.
  • Better importing support - importing a file from another modeller is often nightmarish
  • Better in-model views - some support for shading in the standard view would be great - both Rhino & Soildworks seem to be able to make it happen. Ie. Soft Shadows, Material Reflections, etc.
  • Better standard materials - the current set looks like it was made by a 12 year old. Maybe work with manufacturers to get their products into SketchUp similar to how some furniture companies now use the Warehouse. Ie. - Mosa Tile would have their entire selection of tile available as a Material Set. Standard materials would also be pre-set to work with the major rendering plug-ins with set refection values and bump maps.
  • Scaling that can detect an objects orientation and adjust accordingly
  • Better line-weight tools. Working in urban design you’ll often get models from a city that have both super simple building massings and new super detailed buildings - the super detailed buildings always end up looking like black blobs because of the way SketchUp deals with edges. Some-sort of detail at distance tool would be super useful.
  • Better animation tools - perhaps an ability to draw a path for the camera to follow.
  • Integration with Lumion or another ‘live’ renderer would be spectacular
  • VR support
  • Better import support for CAD drawings - blocks with attributes in AutoCad currently do not import
  • Better organizational tools for Plug-Ins - it’s pretty easy for menus to become a complete mess in the current set up.
  • Remote rendering support - similar to how revit lets you send a model off and have the whole thing do a render in less than a minute
  • Bring back location data, north arrow support, and the ability to detect daylight savings time
  • Better edge detection tools - too much time is spent looking for random stray edges


I’m not sure if this serves your need, but you can change the way a group or component scales by changing the axes inside that group or component.

Cube group after having it’s axes rotated:


I’m well aware. Though there’s plenty of instances where changing every group is not a viable solution. It’s a particular problem while working with imported geometry as well as geometry that’s extruded from CAD plans where a portion of a building happens to be off axis.


Update DEM import to support modern file formats. .IMG .HGT and Geotiff


Ability to import Geo-referenced imagery


This should be nice, and probably easy to develop :slight_smile:


Layout: When exporting a PDF plan, it would be great to set a limit on the file size.