the ∞ SketchUp Wish List



Is there any reason the arrow buttons could not be used to navigate or pan?


The arrow buttons are used to lock to axes, or toggle perpendicular/parallel.


Also SketchUp wouldn’t be able to know how fast you want to pan. Pan tool uses the distance between the camera and the object you “grab” with the tool to know how fast you want to go (the object moves along with the mouse cursor). Many 3D programs have a constant panning or walking speed which is a real pain to use because how awfully slow it is when you are far from the model and how uncontrollably fast it is when you are inside of it.


Thanks Aaron,
That explains why the Shift key wasn’t working. I find it useful to hover over the hor. and vert. margins and use the scroll wheel to pan without losing the selected entities.

I also wanted to say that I find the video presentations helpful. Keep up the good work.



For me the best way to navigate in Sketchup is using 3d Connexion Mouse. Try it.


Why doesnt’ a group offer the same features as a component (eg ability to cut holes & have changeable axes?)


You can change axes of groups. I do this all the time. Just open it, right click the axes and select place. Groups can also cut surfaces but only if they are created inside a surface. Perhaps you can even change the cut behavior from the API, I’m not sure. However, the API does not allow you to glue a group that has once been detached from a surface like it lets you do with components, and thus doesn’t allow extensions such as TT’s Superglue to support groups :frowning: .


Wow I never realised this…thanks!
Another item to add to the next edition of “101 Things you Didn’t Know about Sketchup”


If McDonalds is so bad why is it popular? I hate the ribbons. they seem very inefficient and use up a lot of screen space.


My list includes

  1. Ability to format lines with different properties, such as centerlines, hidden lines, and color. I know they aren’t lines in skectchup, but edges. Maybe having lines as an entity is the first step.
    2 ability to tell SU where to snap to such as the center of a circle, end of a line or midpoint rather than letting it guess what you want.
  2. The ability to put a box behind dimensions that can be formatted to improve the visibility of the dimensions.



Well, you have a point there, about the space they use up. But the ribbon menu would be optional, something that you could switch back and forth, or maybe tabs, something more “contextual”.


One of my favorite features in PowerCADD is the Blossom Palette. The user makes up their own palette of favorite tools that, with a keystroke, will appear next to cursor, and then disappear when you choose a tool. I use it constantly. It doesn’t take up screen space till you need it, and it’s always close at hand, not way across the screen somewhere.


Having duplicated menu systems and the ability to switch back and forth just adds complexity with no real gain.

That looks a little like something between Aerilius’s LanchUp and my Tool Memory. Definitely looks useful but I think it better fits as a plugin. I really like how the SketchUp UI is a basic, simple conventional UI without any hidden features. When learning SU you can concentrate 100% on the modeling and not have to think about how the menus work.


Then add the WEB pop out palettes to PRO. Thats pretty slick. Also make it so you can hit your mouse to anywhere on the side of the screen to get it to pop out.

Skecthup UI palettes are super cluttered . but the solution above can fix that.

I LOVE the simplicity of SU. Everyone does but it has lots of basic missing features that don’t have to add any complexity.


Mouse wheel up and down to control zoom speed like Unreal and other 3D programs. Sketchup doesn’t have to handle the speed. Sometimes the speed is TOTALLY not what I want. For instance I am trying to zoom out just a tiny bit on a interior and I hit a wall I get stuck in zoom hell.

Hold right mouse to mouse look then WASD to navigate. A and D pan and W and S move in and out.


You can do this (sort of) with a Space Navigator and their mouse.


I thought I would hate the Ribbon until I took the time to learn it. One click it folds up one click it folds down. I can’t believe some of you are still stuck in the mud.


Resistance to change it’s called.


I’ve had to move between setups a few times in a matter of months and it has made me wish SketchUp had a much more centralized way of managing everything. Ideally, a one-click way to move preferences, styles, workspace, plugins, materials, templates, hotkeys, trays/toolbars, etc. all at once.


I wish I could create a “cutting component”, which is really cutting through everything. Nested objects, regardless of its position in the outliner. And I can move this component, and it will still work. And it works in all three dimensions. And it will work with section cuts and fills. Just native.

As described here: Redesign "cut opening" to "cutting components"